Freya Court

Deputy Head of School, Freya Court (17) is a day pupil in Year 13 at Durham School.  She came to the School aged 11, following her prep school education at Bow.

What made you/your family choose Durham School? 
Durham School appealed to our family as it was the right size to maintain a focus on pupils as individuals, whilst still offering them plenty of sport and other extra-curricular activities. Furthermore, the incredibly positive experience of my elder brother only served to convince us further that it was the right place for me.  

As Deputy Head of School, how well do you think pupils who come to Durham School from other prep schools integrate?
I think that pupils from outside prep schools integrate perfectly, as everyone is in the same boat when they first arrive at senior school, so where they came from doesn’t make much difference at all. Moreover, the house system ensures that everyone has a secure social group right from the get-go.

What interests and experiences have you pursued since arriving at Durham School?
Sport was the first area I was really interested in when I first joined school, and that has certainly stayed with me; but I also discovered how much I enjoy performing in the annual shows put on by the Drama department. Duke of Edinburgh expeditions have also provided some of the best memories.  

What have you enjoyed most during your time at Durham School?
Whilst the Italy ski trip or South Africa sports tour are of course standout experiences, the close-knit feel of everyday school has been particularly special, with every teacher knowing your name and saying hello contributing to a particularly supportive atmosphere.  

What are your plans and ambitions for your future after School?
After I leave school, I’m hoping to study International Relations, French and Arabic at university, and then perhaps go on to a career with international NGOs.  

How do you feel about the coming together of the Schools? 
The amalgamation of the two schools seems to be quite a natural progression and I’ll be very interested to see how it all looks in a few years’ time.